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Empty canister zombies

Empty canister zombies

Here's how it's done. Getting hold of the weapon is easy, but it takes some know-how. Thankfully, we're here to tell you exactly how the process is done with a step-to-step guide. To first get your hands on the powerful Wonder Weapon, there's a quick and easy strategy that leaves you with a room full of dead zombies and a free gun. Here's how it's done:. Should you not manage to draw enough zombies into the trap to complete the process, simply wait a while and try again.

The zombie trap is entirely free, and it's an excellent way to dispatch the undead. Infusing the gun with one of four elemental damages is a sure-fire way to become a true zombie slayer. Of course, you can only make use of one of these ammo variants at a time, so choose wisely.

If you'd like to see this guide in video form, check out this great video by YouTuber MrRoflWaffleswho was integral to providing us with this information.

And for those of you wanting to unlock everything in the game, here's how to rank up fast in Black Ops Cold War. Meanwhile, Call of Duty fans everywhere are just now learning that they're not playing Black Ops Cold War at its best settings. If you want to get a real advantage in-game, this is how you beat the competition. By Author Maxwell Jeffery. Published: 14 November Updated: 14 November How to Get the Wonder Weapon in Die Maschine To first get your hands on the powerful Wonder Weapon, there's a quick and easy strategy that leaves you with a room full of dead zombies and a free gun.

After that, wait for a Megaton Zombie to spawn - this usually occurs between Round Once you've eliminated the Megaton Zombie and his two halves, a yellow Keycard can be found in the loot pile.

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Head to the Weapons Lab, where the Nuke can be found, and insert the Keycard into the corner's computer. Collect the D. E Remote Control from the computer and take it to the original Nacht der Untoten area.

Get a horde of zombies chasing you; they'll be needed to collect your Wonder Weapon.

empty canister zombies

The metal door with a slot at the top is now a zombie-killing trap, but it won't be active for long. Guide your undead following in front of the door. Head back to the crack in the wall and discharge the D. The metal door will explode outwards, and your Wonder Weapon is ready to collect! Source: Treyarch Should you not manage to draw enough zombies into the trap to complete the process, simply wait a while and try again. But now we've got our Wonder Weapon, how do we upgrade it?

Head upstairs and back outside.Whether it's turning on the power, unlocking the Pack-A-Punchobtaining the D. Wonder Weaponunlocking the four different Wonder Weapon variantsor simply completing the main Easter Egg steps, we have you covered in our complete Die Maschine walkthrough guide below. Looking for something specific? Click the quick links below to be taken to that particular section! First things first, before you go obtaining any of the D.

Wonder Weaponsyou will need to turn on the power.

empty canister zombies

To do so, look for the crafting table that can be found up against the wall of the nearby building. Just right of this table, you will find a green door - use points to open it. Now that you're inside, look for the staircase that leads to the second floor - this will be marked with a bright purple arrow that points towards the floor above.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies: How to Get & Upgrade the Wonder Weapon

You will need to clear the debris blocking the staircase for points in order to continue. At the top of the staircase, turn left and make your way towards the end of the "Bedroom". At the very end, you will find a blocked doorway next to the large purple arrow on the wall, just across from the Stamin-Up Perk Machine. Clear the doorway for 1, points and continue to the Crash Site. Follow the Crash Site to the opposite end - you'll pass the Jugger-Nog Perk Machine along the way - and you will find yet another blocked path marked by a large red cross that leads to an underground tunnel.

Clear the path for 1, points. Head inside the Tunnel and turn left, here you will find a newly opened door that leads to the Facility. Enter the Facility and continue following the path until you reach a set of doors in the Control Room.

You'll want to open the door on your left, as it leads to the Medical Bay - this will set you back 1, points. With the Medical Bay now unlocked, head inside and look for the next door. This door will lead you to the Particle Accelerator room and will cost you back 1, points.

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Once inside the Particle Accelerator room, look for the Power icon and navigate the area. Once you reach the small room, unlock the door for 1, points and interact with the Red button to turn on the power. Now that the power is turned on, it's time to unlock the Pack-A-Punch. To do so, look for the two Terminal way points that are now showing in the Particle Accelerator room. You will find both of Terminals in the same room, adjacent to each other. Make your way to each Terminal and activate the Hydro-Energy Infusions.

Now that you have infused both Terminal's, an anomaly will appear in the middle of the room. Go downstairs and enter the anomaly to be teleported to the Dark Aether. Once inside the alternate dimension, make your way to the surface head towards the way point in the Crash Site area.

Along the way you will need to clear some debris that's blocking the exit of the Tunnel for 1, points. After exiting the Tunnel, head towards the Aether Tunnel way point that can be found in the Crash Site area.

Try not too take too long reaching these way points, as your time in the Aether is limited. As you reach the Aether Tunnel, enter it for points and you will be teleported to a locked room.

empty canister zombies

With the Machine Part in hand, make your way back to the Particle Accelerator and forge the machine with the missing part. The Pack-A-Punch Machine will give you the option to upgrade your weapon to three different tier levels that increase your weapons damage and enhance their attributes. To Pack your weapon you will need the following points:. Along with the Pack Weapon upgrades, you will also have the option for Ammo Mods.The entirety of Cold War zombies Easter Egg revolves around acquiring the Wonder Weapon and its 4 upgrades, collecting items, solving a few puzzles, and then completing the final boss fight.

To learn more about how to get there, check out our detailed guide. After turning on the power, return to the Particle Accelerator area, and activate two terminals.

Inside the Dark Aether, follow the objective marker to get teleported to the Aether Tunnel. From the Aether Tunnel, grab the machine part and return to the Pack-a-Punch machine to activate it. After building the Pack-a-Punch machine, another Anomaly will spawn somewhere on the map. The items that you need to find in the Dark Aether will always spawn in the same areas but the order in which they spawn is randomized. To summon the Spectral Reflection, interact with the blue anomaly orb in the area.

After heading out of the Dark Aether, return to the computer in the Medical Bay and interact with it to enter the password.

One of them will drop a yellow keycard. You need to take the keycard to the locker with the broken glass in the Weapons Lab. Insert the keycard in there to get the D. Remote Control. The D. Continue to lure zombies to the area to keep the process going. Failing will require you to wait for around 30 seconds before activating the machine again. There are a total of 3 upgrades for the Wonder Weapon in Die Maschine.

Step 6. Once inside the Dark Aether, go to the Crash Site and melee the box under the floating airplane part with the Wonder Weapon to get the Fuse. Now head over to the Weapons Lab in the Facility and place the Fuse in the Plasma Clutter in front of the perk machine. Thermophasic weapon. Electrobolt, you need to head over to the Particle Accelerator area and interact with the anomaly underneath the staircase to enter the Dark Aether.

Their locations are:. After sucking an Energy Crystal, return to the weapon crate in the Particle Accelerator area to get the weapon.

What you need to do is to lure a Megaton to the tree and bait it into damaging the fungal growth on the tree. Once done, place the Empty Flash below the outgrowth and wait for it to completely fill up.

Pick up the Filled Flash from the tree and head over to the Medical Bay and interact with the weapons crate just before the door leading to the power area to get the D.Naturally, you'll be joined by a host of undead enemies, too. When taking on waves of zombies it's best to call upon your pals for help, however you can try your luck solo.

Prepare for lots of backtracking, a twisting story, and plenty of opportunities to fail. Let's start at the beginning. After spawning in the Yard, take out the zombies to earn points, and head over to the locked green door.

Unlock the door to the Nacht Der Untoten building for points and head up the stairs. Run to the end of the Bedroom, towards the purple arrow, and plant an explosive for 1, points on the wall marked by the red cross on the left. Make your way through the new doorway onto the Crash Site, running all the way to the end where you'll see another purple arrow painted on a rock. Part with points to plant an explosive and clear the obstruction.

Walk into Tunnel and head over to the doors on the left, where the Facility marker is. These doors will begin to open as you get closer to them. Clear the obstruction on the left side using points. Run through the new doorway, down the stairs, and unlock the locked door for points. Head to the Power marker and fork over points.

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Walk over to the big red button and press F to turn the power on. Now it's time to stabilise the Accelerator. Walk back down into the main part of the Particle Accelerator room and head to each of the Terminal markers. There's one on each side, but all you need to do is press F to activate each one.

The surrounding terminals will turn green, and an anomaly will appear in the middle of the room, down a flight of steps. Ensure there are no zombies ambling around nearby and hold F to investigate the anomaly and enter the Dark Aether.For some Wonder Weapons though, the process can be a bit more involved.

The D. Shockwave in the map Die Maschine is no exception. We have guides up on how to get both if you need help with either. With the D. After a couple of seconds, it should fly towards you, allowing you to pick it up. Next, you need to make your way down into the bunker into the weapons lab where Deadshot Daquiri is. On the lower floor with Deadshot and at the end of the hall, there should be a place for you to insert the canister you sucked up and the game will prompt you with the button to press.

Now you must kill one plague hound near the canister so that it can be filled with gas. If not, kill a few more plague hounds as close as you can to it. You should see the gas get absorbed into the canister.

With the filled canister, head to the plane crash site and look for a box up against the wall which you would pass to get to Stamin-Up. Press the button the game prompts you with to put the canister on the box and then melee it. It should explode and now allow you to swap out the Shockwave for the Nova 5 upgrade.

The first crystal can be found in the crash site between Juggernog and the cave entrance to the bunker. The second can be found on the roof of Nacht Der Untoten in the penthouse room.

It should be to the right of the Wonderfizz perk machine. The third and final crystal should be in the pond area close to the mystery box spawn location there. To begin the Cryo-Emitter upgrade, first head to the penthouse floor of Nacht the roof.

To the left of the green tented area and facing the pond, there should be a crate.

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Black Ops Cold War Zombies Easter Egg Guide – Completed Steps, Detailed Walkthrough

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empty canister zombies

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